Silver Lined


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released June 19, 2015



all rights reserved


+CONTRAST+ Belgium

Inspired by the music and the message of bands like The First Step, Common Cause, Fired Up and True Colors

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Track Name: Take Control
Feeling anxious, when we don't comprehend
Some things we go through
We don't understand that it's not our problems
That are keeping us down
it's the fact that we struggle
to turn us around

our past and our future, are not entwined
when we can keep a positive mind
We try, we fall, but we can't break
when we know there is - so much at stake

Even if I don't think that it's the right thing to do
I feel that I should be grateful to you
My problems are mine and that's what I needed to see
But I’m glad to know someone is worried 'bout me

Won't hesitate, 'cause I can see
our potential knows no boundaries
when I'll feel no less than love for all of mankind
I'll know I will have fully conquered my mind

I will seek wisdom
When it all falls apart
I'll be here standing
Holding my heart
I will rebuild
With the walls coming down
And I will help others
Without making a sound
I will help others
Without making a sound
Track Name: More to life
More to life!

seems we have all, there is to life
when we know no hardship, when we only thrive
But the cards that are dealt, are not enough for me
Because I feel deprived, because I always see

the things in life we lack
we need to get back on track

No more wasting my time
‘cause time is paramount
If I can’t change the past
I’ll make the present count
Why wait for tomorrow
When I’m determined to say
That I can change my ways
And I will change my ways

haven't figured out how
But there's no turning back now
We need to reflect
So we can connect

We feel torn up inside
But we refuse to connect
don’t give a fuck about others
but demand respect
And it is very tempting
To hurt and provoke
To never look back
on the hearts that we broke
But there is more to life
When we can give it meaning
to help one another
Is our reason of being
Track Name: Optimistic
And it can’t be undone
It’s not reserved for the meek
It’s there for everyone
Like when you fire off smiles
They backfire to you
If I think positive
You might think positive too
It can’t be taught
And it is hard to describe
But you don’t need to be a hippy
to feel that vibe
It’s just a suggestion
But if you don’t feel it too
Then I’d be glad to share my positive attitude
With you
Track Name: Indifference
Indifference, for the suffering we meet
Deaf to what I say about helping those in need
When you close your eyes, you need to get a clue
The person you see, is just another you

Won’t close my eyes…
‘Cause I can’t close my mind

It is about the effort
And not the gain
To give without taking
Might just sound insane
But it’s not
It’s just an angle of view
A different state of mind
We have to pursue

Won’t close my eyes…
‘Cause I can’t close my mind

Track Name: Back to me
There are these times, I feel I’m talking to walls
and I must stick to my guns to keep ahead of it all
But spitting fire, only gets me burned
And then I feel surprised I get the same in return

Granting forgiveness, might seem too hard
But holding grudges will only tear us apart

So carry out, what’s in your heart
Don’t be too hard on yourself, each day we make a new start
When we get – beyond what made us leave
There is no saying how much love and friendship we can achieve

Granting forgiveness, might seem too hard
But holding grudges will only tear us apart

Can you imagine all the pain we cause when we’re in the dark?
I will not wait for them to shine their light, but I’ll be the spark!
When I make efforts to be kind to all the people I see
I’m certain that the smiles I sent out find their way back
to me
Track Name: For you
It’s been a while since I’ve looked inside
I was scared, by what I’ve tried to hide
Ignoring these feelings, won’t change the fact
We do not have to cope, we need to deal and act

And what we need, is insight
Sometimes to make others happy, we need to put ourselves aside

And when I doubt, if that person is me
I will realize it’s not but it’s the person I aspire to be
Someone who cares, someone who dares to be different
Not through his looks, but through a mind that’s free

And I’m not a dreamer, it’s true
I can make the world a better place if I try to
If I forget about me, and dedicate my life to how happy we could be
‘Cause I’m not a dreamer, it’s true
I can make the world a better place if I tried to
If I forget about me, and dedicate my life to how happy I can make you
Track Name: Shifting tides
Dragged away, by the historic tide
From the changes in life there is no place to hide
Fighting and hurting, what we know we defend
Refuse to accept that all thing come to an end
Come to…

Resistant, we do our best to delay
I just want things to stay this way
Clinging, to things that will pass
Because the joy they bring could never last
And I know that the times are changing fast
But I refuse to be chained to the past

No longer will I plan my every step
‘Cause life is change and change is life, I accept
Track Name: Silver lined
These bones are rusted, caused by the time
Your friends remain, but the past you’ve left behind
You find yourself, caught in a place
Where nothing moves, but you kind of love this pace

It is familiar, you know the drill
That you see the exit, doesn’t mean you will
And before you know it
You’re out of luck
You’ll start to notice
That in fact you're stuck

You recall all of the places you have been
But it won’t make a difference, cause the
walls are closing in
Now why did you come here, from the start
Was it not up to you, was it a choice by heart?
You used to love, coming ‘round here
But to find the worth, you need to see things clear

You’ll stare no longer, at the door
You’re reminded of, what you came for
What makes you itch, what makes you stay
And before you know it, you can
push those walls away

If in this place
You are detained
Don’t look around you
all in vain
But cast your net
And you shall find
That every cloud
Is silver lined