Silver lined

from by +CONTRAST+



These bones are rusted, caused by the time
Your friends remain, but the past you’ve left behind
You find yourself, caught in a place
Where nothing moves, but you kind of love this pace

It is familiar, you know the drill
That you see the exit, doesn’t mean you will
And before you know it
You’re out of luck
You’ll start to notice
That in fact you're stuck

You recall all of the places you have been
But it won’t make a difference, cause the
walls are closing in
Now why did you come here, from the start
Was it not up to you, was it a choice by heart?
You used to love, coming ‘round here
But to find the worth, you need to see things clear

You’ll stare no longer, at the door
You’re reminded of, what you came for
What makes you itch, what makes you stay
And before you know it, you can
push those walls away

If in this place
You are detained
Don’t look around you
all in vain
But cast your net
And you shall find
That every cloud
Is silver lined


from Silver Lined, released June 19, 2015



all rights reserved


+CONTRAST+ Belgium

Inspired by the music and the message of bands like The First Step, Common Cause, Fired Up and True Colors

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